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Western Saddles: Choice of tooled leather cinches or hand woven cinches with your choice of accent colors for front cinch with all saddles.  Back cinches are leather except for roping saddle on request.  Extra silver can be added to any saddle package.  Any saddle can come without an upper skirt, this usually subtracts about $10.00 from the price.

Western Saddle Basic Package:  Normal Rio Rondo pattern, front and back cinch, partial tooling, round or square skirt good for barrel saddles, arabs saddles, ranch saddles, trail and just your plain all around saddle:  $100.00-$150.00 (or adjusted due to specifications such as barrel or arab.)

Roping Saddle:  wrapped horn, wide cinches, low cantle. Silver can also be added.: $110.00-$150.00.

Deluxe Show Saddle:  The Ultimate!  loaded with silver (tape not real cast plates), rear short billet w/ silver keeper, brand new large skirt pattern!  The black saddle above is a first try and the pattern is available if you really like it but the better one is shown below.  The sizes of the upper and lower skirts can be adjusted when I make the saddle to fit different sized horses or if you like a smaller or larger upper skirt. This lower saddle is fully tooled and can have any number of options on the silver patterning including contrast color silhouettes or painted horse heads (I actually saw a saddle done that way in the Hobby Horse Clothing Company's catalog!)  As you can tell, this one isn't 100% finished as it has not stirrups or cinches yet, but you get the idea! The tree has also been sculpted slightly to give it a little bit more of a equitation/pleasure look.   $200.00-$250.00 

Square Skirted Saddle:  Basic saddle only with old style square skirted ranch look.   Great for working western, historical costume and cutting or reining.  I am also working on getting an older style mexican saddle tree and will then add that option as well.  Shown in photo at right with natural colored saddle.  Has wide stirrups and small conchos.  Silver can be added to this saddle also. $120.00-$150.00

Reining Saddle:  New style shaped skirts, with or without silver (usually silver tape) A single lower skirt looks good too.  Partial or fully tooled. $120.00-$150.00

Western Side Saddle:  This is a new one for me and not very many exist in the hobby either.  Here are some of the pieces to give you an idea of where I am going.  I am very excited about this project and can't wait to finish it.  Price is still to be determined and will partially depend on the options you choose. $120.00-$200.00

Hand Embroidered Western Saddle Blanket:  I now can sell saddle blankets by Ingrid Mattes with my options added on.  Her pads run about $5.00-$20.00 depending.  Add tooled wearleathers for $6.00, silver conchos for $2.00 a pr. and "horsehair" tassels for $3.00 a pair for single tone and $4.00 a pair for double tone. Hand Made Western Cinch:  Choice of accent and base colors.  Tie down and back cinch attachments:  15.00
Western Breast Collars: Shown above on Ratchett is the Slimline pattern.  Will make them to match any bridle.  Prices will depend on your preferences.  Can have working, etched or cast buckles. Plain, tooling, no silver:  $20.00  Some silver, thin lace:  $25.00  Loaded with silver: $30.00-$50.00 (Show Stopper pattern).

Bridles:  Come with either cast or etched pieces.  Description should state.  Etched are cheaper if price quoted is for cast.  Reins can be any style: romal, split, roping, cotton braid w/ slobber straps, and mecate.  I now have working etched buckles for ultimate realism on working bridles!
Western browband Bridle: flat plain w/ etched curb, chain or leather chin strap, choice of rein styles:  20.00
Deluxe Western Show Stopper:  Double ear with silver beads and ferrules, double or single rows of beads down cheek, cast curb, buckle end reins, even silver "buckles" on chin strap, working cast buckles.  Bead options include twisted ferrules, facets, crimp beads and barrel beads in both silver and gold. Gold sometimes has to be special ordered and is a little more spendy.   A very trendy and up to date bridle!  Either style $45.00-$60.00

Working (Tear Drop) Bridle:  (shown above right on Ratchett)Plain buckles, tear drop side, browband, cotton working reins with slobber straps or leather split reins, etched bit or snaffle, minor tooling.  This bridle is the new rage in cutting and reining.  Don't miss out! Cast bit available and cheek pieces can either be silver or tooled.  :  $30.00-$50.00
Bosal:  (shown right with showstopper headstall.) Very nice show quality bosal comes complete with hanger and mecate.  Silver beads alternate with rawhide "buttons" available.  Looks completely realistic.  Pick accent colors.  Two buckles, no chin strap, throatlatch or browband.  The bosal itself looks killer with the Show Stopper bridle (add $5.00 to price):  $45.00
I'm also hoping to add hand braided bosals done in actual real braiding technique made out of artificial sinew. These will be 100% realistic but will be spendy due to the time necessary to complete them. Includes headstall. $60-$90.00.
I can also add hand braided nose buttons, side and end buttons done in horsehair braiding methods which will look very nice! Still comes complete with headstall. $50.00-$70.00
NEW Rawhide:  Looks just like old style rawhide braided bridles.  Great for working western classes or costumes.  Cast bit w/ connector bars, rein chains, etc.  $40.00 
I am also working on braiding them in realistic methods out of artificial sinew like Susan Bensema-Young does. These are very time consuming but incredibly beautiful! $150.00-$300.00
Extra Crown Pieces:  Make your bridles more versatile and get more for your money!  Order extra crown pieces to enable your bridle to properly fit more models.  The same bridle can fit Big Ben and the PS WP model with extra crown pieces!!  Can be made to match any bridle and browband/ear style.  All of my browband and ear loops are changeable so there won't be any problem! Gets rid of all the excess leather or gives you room to actually buckle the bridle on!   $2.00
Extra Browband or Ear piece:  Add another element of versatility for different classes or different horses!  Get additional earpieces or browbands to fit those large headed models or to use the same bridle in pleasure and working classes.  Price depends on piece.  Some samples:
Single ear to match Showstopper and Slimline: $5.00
Plain leather browband: $2.00
Browband with silver plate: Lg plate:  $7:00
V'Browband:  $9.00